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Post by Platinum on Sun May 09, 2010 1:00 pm

First name: Tadashi
Middle name:
Surname: Kobayashi
Gender: Male
Age: 27

Build: slim, although not skinny
Height: 5'7"
Hair colour and style: green, sort of bob-like, very neat, nothing special, side fringe over right eye
Eye colour and shape: he wears glasses over long, narrow green eyes
Clothes style: blazer-like jackets with sometimes hooded cardigans or alike underneath. Very preppy
Extra features:
Kobayashi Tadashi - Dragon Dragontadashi

Likes: reading, studying, helping people study
Dislikes: being interrupted studying, people being stupid (in an idiot way)
Personality: studious, gentle, reclusive, shy.
Occupation: Historian

Member of the Zodiac (yes/no): yes
Zodiac Animal: Dragon/seahorse
Otherwise how related to the family:

Other:Tadashi is probably the more studious of the twelve. He is constantly stuck away, hiding behind books and has a habit of hiding away for hours to research something.


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