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Post by Amethyst on Sun May 09, 2010 11:04 am

First name: Tomomi
Middle name: Hiromi
Surname: Kobayashi
Gender: Male
Age: 21

Build: A very slim, almost lanky build.
Height: 5'8"
Hair colour and style: Long and layered to the bottom of his shoulderblades. On top it is a dark blackish inky blue, but when put up or swept to the side, underneath a bright orangey yellow can be seen
Eye colour and shape: Steel blue
Clothes style:
Extra features: snakebites

Likes: The warm, being alone, knowledge, technology, meat and eggs
Dislikes: The cold, strangers, his computer breaking down
Personality: Tomomi is a deep thinker and creative which help in his work along with his patience and calmness. He's wise and responsible for his age, although he's a bit a loner and distrusting of people. Those he does trust and loves and cares for he is possessive about and protective of.
Occupation: Computer graphic designer and company manager
Family: the elder brother of Tora, and the cousin of the dog and cow zodiacs.

Member of the Zodiac (yes/no): yes
Zodiac Animal: Snake!!! a western tiger snake to be exact
Otherwise how related to the family: -


might add bit later


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