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Kobayashi Tsukasa Empty Kobayashi Tsukasa

Post by Amethyst on Wed May 05, 2010 1:35 pm

First name: Tsukasa
Middle name: Atsuo
Surname: Kobayashi
Gender: Male
Age: 28

Build: Slightly chubby, and 6'1" tall
Hair colour and style: Black and long pulled into a pontail with a small fringe
Eye colour and shape: A very dark violet, almost black
Clothes style: Quiet loose, casual, comfy clothes
Extra features:

Likes: His son happy, vegetables
Dislikes: His son upset, lots of fighting, carrots, meat
Personality: Taukasa is quite gentle, kind, sensitive, soft-spoken, and tender, especially to his son. He is fairly self-assured, but can be a bit cautious
Occupation: (not decided)
Family: Son, Tsubasa, who is 6 and the zodiac elephant

Member of the Zodiac (yes/no): used to be
Zodiac Animal: was a rabbit
Otherwise how related to the family:

Other: He got married when he was twenty. It was disproved by the head of the household and so he moved away with his wife. His son was born when he twenty-two, and as he was a zodiac, Tsukasa had to move back close to the family. His wife couldn't take the stress and shock and so her memory was wiped clean. He is forbidden from seeing her.


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